Range & Gun Rental

HCO offers 5 Pistol Lanes and 3 Rifle Lanes.  Pistol Limit .22 to .500 S&W  Rifle no greater than .300 WIN MAG.  Shooters must use factory loaded ammo which may be purchase at the HCO retail store.

Range Rental:
$15 per hour – plus $2 per target.  Second person may accompany for $10

Single Unlimited Yearly Range membership ~$250
which includes 3 free gun rental and 50% off all gun transfers.  

*limit to 2 hours per visit.

Family Unlimited Yearly Range Membership ~ $400  Good for 2 adults and up to 2 children under the age of 18. Children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  which includes 5 free gun rentals and 50% off all gun transfers. 

*Limit to 2 hours per visit.

lane reservation for members only. Lane maybe rented if the member does not show by reserved time.

Gun Rental are available upon request.

Pistol Rentals start at $15 ea. plus HCO store purchased ammo.

~ Video Disclaimer ~

This is NOT an HCO video although it has great information, we however require all firearms to be holstered or case before entering the store.


Thank you for your understanding.